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Simplifying Deep Tech

Learn-Tech provides custom learning and technology solutions to organisations such as Pearson, Intel, Microsoft, Singapore Science Centre, Box Hill Institute and Burges Salmon . 

We represent the Learn-Tech organisation in South East Asia, promoting and selling their Ai courses. 

The founder of Learn-Tech, Mike Lloyd, started his career in automotive engineering, spent time teaching and consulting, then worked at Microsoft for 13 years before founding his current business. He has delivered keynote speeches & lectures across the world on a range of technology related subjects, and has worked at a senior level in over 30 countries. Mike is the author of the “AI Demystified” and “How to Make a Mind?” courses.

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AI-Health Guru

Revolutionising Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

Ai-Health Guru is a Sister company to Medi-Ai, an innovative global company harnessing Artificial Intelligence to transform healthcare delivery, headquartered in Australia. With an emphasis on engaging and forming collaborative partnership with healthcare organisations, Medi-Ai develop strategies and applications utilising artificial intelligence to support organisations via clinical decision support system, medical imaging analysis, and virtual health assistant. 

Its team of doctors and data scientists ensures all its solutions meet high-end requirements of combining healthcare with technology in a timely and cost-efficient manner drawing upon its extensive knowledge of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Our role is in the area of Instructional Design; helping them design and develop introductory Ai Medical courses designed for medical experts and institutions globally. 

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