Business Change

The Neuroscience of Change

When you think about it, the workplace has changed considerably over the past thirty years, but our brains have not, and therein lies the challenge of change.

Organisations, SME’s, Companies and Governments need to constantly adapt , change and innovate to ensure they maintain a competitive edge.

We offer insights into how to master change in three areas, Organisational, Business Skills and Learning. 


Organisational Change


Business Skills Change


Learning Change

Any form of business change is about solving today's problems while getting ready to deal with tomorrow's problems. So change needs to be managed.

Organisational Change

Applying Neuroscience & Cognition to Change

The neuroscience of organisational change is a growing field that studies the impact of business change on the brain and behaviour of all individuals in modern organisations. This approach acknowledges that change is difficult and complex, and recognizes the importance of addressing both the cognitive and emotional aspects of change.

By understanding the neurobiological mechanisms that underpin human behavior, and why our minds don’t actually like change, leaders can design interventions that promote positive outcomes and facilitate effective change.

Examples of such interventions include providing clear communication, creating an environment of psychological safety, and establishing a sense of purpose and shared values. 

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Business Skills Change


Presentations, Sales, Messaging & Learning

Business skills are constantly evolving in response to changes in technology, consumer behavior, and market dynamics. In recent years, there has been a shift towards skills related to digital transformation, data analytics, and customer experience, however stock skills such as presentations, sales enablement, corporate messaging and instructional design are still of paramount importance in order to have a balanced workforce equipped to manage in a cognitive environment.

In recent years there has obviously been a need for skills related to remote learning, virtual collaboration and employee welfare, but business skills are likely to continue to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, requiring individuals and organizations to remain agile and adaptable.

Learning Change

Instructional Design to Reduce Cognitive Load

A growing necessity in business today is the ability to upskill and communicate effectively with workforces across multiple territories; while maintaining a consistent and high level of knowledge, expertise and skills. This is now happening virtually.

We can either start from scratch and build bespoke training, or adapt and refine existing courses into multiple formats.

With our expertise in understanding audience cognition, especially
in the areas of memory, attention, relevance and perception, Arcanum is able to design and build learning courses that participants enjoy, making the overall learning process more effective, engaging and memorable. 80% of the learning we build is for sales training.

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