Digital Sales Optimisation

Measure Your Sales Team Against KPI's

Experience suggests that sales management tools can, in fact, dramatically improve performance, but on their own, actually, the tools have little value in the sales process. A sales CRM system will always show you sales performance. However, Digital Sales Optimisation will also show you BEHAVIOUR, and how to address areas of WEAKNESSES in sales people, as well as showcase their STRENGTHS to teach and drive BEST PRACTICES across the entire company.

One of the key goals of the methodology is to assess the impact of getting all salespeople to produce at the same level as the top 40% of your salesforce.


With more than 60% of companies today lacking a defined sales process, and robust sales performance measurements, the success of any company depends on its ability to acquire and retain customers, and there are four recognised drivers of revenue. 1. Efficiency & Effectiveness, 2. Customer Development, 3. Customer Retention and 4. New Business Development. 

Digital Sales Optimisation ties salesforce performance with business strategy. By using either individual or quintiling methodologies, one of the key goals of Digital Sales Optimisation is to assess the impact to a business by examining various scenarios and outcomes if all salespeople were to produce at the same level as the top 40% of your salesforce. 

Great sales people are born, but great sales teams are made, and the first element of a great sales team is defining a Sales Strategy.

Digital Sales Optimisation

What World Class Sales Teams Looks Like

Effective use of sales management tools requires generating timely and accurate data,and then using that data to drive decisions, and effectively implementing changes. However, while the science of sales team tools promise great impact, results are difficult to achieve without the insights, customisation and management.

Digital Sales Optimisation provides sales and corporate management with a dynamic methodology and concept that helps measure sales teams against critical key performance indicators. It identifies insights and behaviours that are actionable.

By providing behavioural change though building qualitative strategies, Digital Sales Optimisation provides data transformation, KPI’s, scorecards, benchmarking and customised digital learning that focus on outcomes that deliver measurable value.

The impact of Digital Sales Optimisation comes from using a variety of tools as part of a broader effort that >


Ties sales force performance to the company business strategy.


Provides regular challenging benchmarks of performance.


Specifies a few high-leverage areas for performance improvement focus.


Evaluates individual performance against these high leverage areas.


Constantly trains and coaches first-line managers and salespeople on specific behaviours, based on these individual performance measures.