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Cognition in business refers to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension, including thinking, remembering and problem-solving. These cognitive processes are crucial for making business decisions, developing strategies, and understanding different types of customer behavior.

On the other hand Business Neuroscience applies the principles of neuroscience to business challenges. It involves understanding biological aspects of the brain to understand what holds people’s attention and what motivates them. Both fields are emerging as powerful tools for understanding consumer behavior, improving management, team-building and innovation.




Neuroscience TOOLS


Microstyle™ LEARNING

Learning should not just be about certification, it should be about making a difference in the real world by understanding how the content can actually be used.

Cognitive Theory & Applications

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Small Lessons, Big Impact

Cognition falls into four main groups in everyday business:

  1. Cognitive Processes: There are around 15 main processes that are relevant in business. These include, Memory, Imagination, Attention, Perception and Recognition.
  2. Cognitive Mnemonics: These are memory aids and include Visualisation, Storytelling and Chunking. 
  3. Cognitive Biases: There are over 180 Cognitive Biases which are essentially areas that interfere with how we think, process and perceive, impacting on our ability to make rational judgements.
  4. Cognitive Concepts: These include Cognitive Overload where we are given too much information to process, and Cognitive Dissonance which is a ‘discomfort’ we feel when behaviour does not align with our own beliefs.

Neuroscience Tools

An Unforgettable Learning Journey

Work and the workplace has changed immeasurably over the last few years, but the very thing that helped us through these times has not. I’m talking about our brains. So, therein lies part of the problem in as much as organisations need their workforce to constantly adapt change perform, innovate and collaborate together, but the reality is our brains don’t like it.

If Mangers and Leaders can understand how the brain works, then we can begin to change it. 

We use Neuroscience as an evidence-based, practical easy to learn methodology to help SME’s and Start-Up’s manage the change they are undoubtably going to encounter during their lifecycle journey.


Microstyle™ Learning


SMAL Lessons, BIG Impact

Microstyle™ Learning is an Arcanum proprietary learning approach. It is typically delivered on mobile devices for education on a specific topic, and consists of multiple 15 minute (+/-) bite-sized chunks. A good example of where it can be used is an update on a particular process or topic, where running a full course would not be cost effective.

We incorporate our proprietary Microstyle™ Messaging, into Microstyle™ Learning, ensuring learners can learn in less time with less content for more efficiency and effectiveness.

Microstyle™ Learning also encompasses other established learning styles such as ‘Spaced’, ‘Experiential’ and ‘Cognitive’ learning using Text, Images, Illustrations, Audio, Video, Quizzes, Interactions, Surveys, Learning Actions, Predictive Qualitative Research Techniques and Gamification.