Meet Mark

Mark Stradling is a cognitive communication and visual training specialist with over 40 years global knowledge & experience.

Twelve years ago, Mark set up his own company ‘Arcanum’ to help companies understand the importance of using a blend of cognition, visualisation, storytelling and messaging in everyday business situations, through specialist training classes, workshops & presentations.

Mark cracked the code for effectively incorporating the Art & Science of Cognition into everyday business communications, enabling key messages to stick with audiences and helping change behaviour, mindsets and culture.

Before starting his own company, Mark was managing in the corporate world with global corporations based in Europe such as Alcan (now Rio Tinto Alcan), Heuga (now Interface), and in Asia, Reed Publishing (now Reed Elsevier), The Grey Group (now part of WPP), Emap (now Top Right Group). Whilst at EMAP, Mark launched FHM men’s magazine in three countries; Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, in addition to other leading business and consumer magazines.

Using a proprietary messaging process called Cognitive Messaging™; Arcanum ensures companies are able to create visual, clear and consistent business communication that is engaging, effective, memorable and most importantly actionable, that can transform any audience globally.

Over the years Mark has created in excess of 35,000 presentation slides and been involved in many global projects and pitches for Governments, SME’s and Multinationals. He is widely regarded as a leader & expert in Cognitive Presentational Development & Instructional Design & Efficiency.

Invite Mark to Speak

Business Storytelling Visually

As the saying goes, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is our ability to generate information now far exceeds our capacity to understand it. The good news is our brains are perfectly wired for visual communication using a visual language which is based on the way we all perceive and process information. Communicating with visuals is up to six times more effective than communicating with words alone.

In 90 minutes Mark will ‘change the way you think about visual communication’ by sharing tips and examples of how the visualisation of data can be quickly and easily applied to everyday business, making it more effective and engaging. Most importantly, Mark will demonstrate that the evaluation of good visual communication should be measured by audience comprehension, not corporate or personal preferences.

The Corporate LifeCycle: Thrive Don’t Just Survive

As organisations grow and age they progress through predictable lifecycle stages. Each stage brings increased organisational complexity as well as new and unique challenges. Strategy, structure, levels of delegation, goals, rewards systems and methods of operating usually differ quite markedly in each stage of the organisation lifecycle.

How well or how poorly leadership addresses the challenges and demands of each stage will determine the success or failure of the organisation. Making successful lifecycle transitions is not easy or obvious.

The methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next. Leaders who fail to understand what is needed (and not needed) can inhibit the successful development of their organisation.

Using the Adizes° Corporate LifeCycle methodology, in 90 minutes Mark will provides a summary of the tools that are available to allow you to know where you are on the LifeCycle curve and how to adjust to stay market driven. With all the start-ups itching to disrupt your business, there is no better time to understand and utilise these unique leadership and development tools.

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