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About the Methodology

Approach Change From Within

Leading an organisation through lifecycle transitions is not easy, or obvious. The same methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next. Fundamental changes in leadership and management are all required, with an approach that delicately balances the amount of control and flexibility needed for each stage. Leaders who fail to understand what is needed (and not needed) can inhibit the development of their companies or plunge them into premature aging.

The challenges that every organisation must overcome at each stage of development first manifest themselves as problems that arise from the growth and success of the company and from external changes in markets, competitors, technology and the general business and political environment. 

Approach Change From Within

Because change is unavoidable, the issue is to actually deal with change when it happens and solve today's problems, and then get ready to deal with those of tomorrow.

Organisational Change

Applying Neuroscience & Cognition to Change

The neuroscience of organisational change is a growing field that studies the impact of business change on the brain and behaviour of all individuals in modern organisations. This approach is important as it acknowledges that change is difficult and complex, and the fact that our brains don’t actually like change.

We combine our own knowledge of Neuroscience and Cognition with the Corporate Lifecycle methodology and create sustainable change from within. By helping our clients discover their own solutions, we help build strong ownership, accountability, and commitment to change, which avoids the destructive conflicts that cause many externally-driven programs to fail.

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Business Team Change


Management & Mis-Management Styles

Our focus concentrates on learning how individuals and teams should diagnose both their Management and Mis-Management styles. Understand how we all need to become alert to each others idiosyncrasies, and how as Manager’s we should also be aware of our own biases. Importantly, if you are a Mis-Manager, how do you change?

Real executives, managers and leaders are also real people. They have strengths, and they have weaknesses. There is no such thing as the ‘Ideal Executive’. In conjunction with our partner Corporate Lifecycles, we use a methodology to classify styles, and predict how each style will make decisions, motivate and communicate and be effective and efficient in bother the short term and the long term.

Sports Leadership Change

Sports Leadership (Change & Complexity)

In collaboration with our UK partner, Grey Matter Global, we have ventured into Sports Leadership programs, aimed at changing Sports Mindsets in Asia. Mindsets contain all the sector’s systems, structures, capacities, and capabilities present in one place in time. 

  1. Strategic Complexity to Clarity: a framework for diagnosing internal/external systems complexity and designing leadership, organizational and industrial strategy.
  2. Lead through Change & Transformation: a comprehensive people and business change management framework and process from strategy to execution.
  3. Problem Solving Process: a ‘best in class’ process and framework for diagnosing business systems, solving problems, and implementing decisions successfully.
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