Why We Do What We Do

In our everyday communication with existing and potential clients, Arcanum focuses on a few core items which are absolutely top of mind in our overall thinking, and the reason for why we do what we do. These are the things that keep us up at night; they have a profound impact on the problems we solve for our clients and the solutions we are ultimately able to offer them.

Below are some of the guiding principles that are in our DNA. We go out of our way to convince companies and individuals of their worth in the business world we live in today, and the impact they can have.

Evidence beats Opinion:

Many training, presentation and sales companies base their techniques on anecdotal information and observations. We are not one of them. Our approach is evidence-based. We’ve combined that research with our own empirical knowledge and evidence that provide best practices.

Mark Stradling has cracked the code for effectively incorporating the Art & Science of Cognition into everyday business communication, enabling key messages to stick with audiences, and helping change behavior, mindsets and culture. We believe good visual communication should be measured by audience comprehension, not corporate or personal preferences.

Message is King:

It is estimated most of us are now exposed to more messages on a daily basis than at any other time in our history, so understandably two of the biggest challenges we find facing most companies and businesses today is the competition for audience’s attention and getting key messages to ‘stick’. To engage and transform audience and change minds, Arcanum use an innovative blend of visualisation, storytelling and cognition to create compelling messages.

Our flagship course ‘Messaging in a Bottle’ which is primarily aimed at presenters, teaches core messaging skills such as constructing compelling Value Propositions, identifying the one ‘Big Idea’, coordinating key company phrases and incorporating story narratives that can transform audiences.

Simplifying Complexity:

Presenting complex information is probably the most challenging type of communication. In a world where information grows with unprecedented speed, expertise becomes more nuanced. Companies and individuals end up knowing their topic deeply, but communicating this to a general audience becomes ever harder. Being able to simplify key messages, without totally ‘dumbing down’, will set a communicator apart as someone people should listen to.

Using our proprietary method of Cognitive Messaging, we simplify complexity using visuals, information graphics and illustrations, so that audiences can actually see what you are saying.

Consistency is born out of simplicity, and simplicity is a sign of perfection.

Cognition (Business Thinking at Work)

The double meaning in the title is very intentional. Business Thinking in the WorkPLACE, and Business Thinking in a WorkPROCESS. Cognition is a branch of psychology, and is the process we all go through of acquiring knowledge and understanding. It encompasses many aspects of intellectual functions and processes including attention, memory, perception, judgment, recognition, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. It is therefore an extremely useful tool to have in business communication, as it weaves itself into almost everything we do.

We make great efforts to stress to our clients that is it not necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of Cognition, but having a basic understanding will certainly help produce better results especially in presentations, learning and sales.

Blended Learning:

With so many pedagogical and technological options in the world or training, our blended learning approach is simply acknowledging that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to training and education; which in a nutshell means that we use more than one training method to train on any one particular topic or subject.

Our primary goal is always to ensure that whatever training does take place, the learner or delegate must be able to use what they learn IMMEDIATELY in their everyday life. With this in mind, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is ‘’Given the required outcomes, what is the optimal delivery method and delivery format?’’. Digital, Micro, Mobile, Face-to-Face, Spaced, Workshop, Virtual, Collaborative, Slide Based, Brain Based, Learning Circles. The list is now endless.

The Business ToolBox:

The better a person’s habits are, the better they will be in a pressure situation. Let’s face it a lot of business is about pressure which ultimately creates stress. Not good. Our mission is to reduce stress by giving clients easy to use tools and techniques, so that key work disciplines can be done quicker, easier and more effectively.

From Sales Optimisation through to Presentation Development whether you are looking for tips and tricks, actual tools, customisable pre-designed graphics and illustrations, or a visualisation system, we’ve got time tested solutions that can help build your skills. Check out some of these in our Guides and Tools page under RESOURCES.