Our Approach

The Art & Science of Communication

Business communication matters in any company because it provides the critical link between many of the key business functions. Collaboration between departments is more than simply ‘cooperating’ with other teams. It involves a shared vision, mutual respect, and in-depth understanding of each other’s role with the goal of achieving excellent business outcomes and outstanding customer experience.

Our expertise is in understanding and interpreting how all types of audiences can best receive messages, and our ability to transform, create and combine Presentations, Sales Team Tools and Learning Content. We help change audience mindsets, behaviour and culture, by crafting messages using an innovative blend of Visualisation, Storytelling and Cognition.

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It is always assumed that confidence comes from confidence. Our approach is to help develop confidence by teaching that confidence comes from clarity.



Thinking BIG. Writing SMALL.

If you think about it, most of the important messages we use today for business are actually the shortest. Headlines, Sound Bites, Tweets, Slogans, Taglines and even Bullet Points.

As getting audiences attention has never been harder, we have developed a messaging technique called ‘Microstyle’ which is either one word, a phrase or multiple short sentences. Microstyle Messaging is particularly effective in Presentations and Learning where typically varying levels of text are used. 

Once we have established our Microstyle Messages, we then place them in recognised ‘Story Structures’ such as ‘Value Propositions’, ‘The Big Idea’ or Customised Illustrations. The end result are messages than can inspire and transform audiences.

Story Visualisation

So Audiences Can SEE What You Are SAYING

Storytelling has been around for centuries, and plays a very important role in business today. Stories have the power to win customers and business, motivate people and align organisations and departments. 

Visualisation is the art of turning words into pictures and diagrams to make communication more engaging, effective and memorable.

When we apply visualisation to our work it can just be a simple adaptation or beautiful work of art in the form of information graphics, but one thing our visualisation provides is a solid foundation for a Storytelling.

Question + Visual Data + Context = STORY

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Cognitive Techniques



Cognition is a branch of psychology, and of tremendous importance and value to business communication, because it is the study of basic mental processes which underlie behaviour. For Presentations, Sales and Learning particularly, it is especially important.

We have ‘cracked the code’ for effectively incorporating the Art & Science of Cognition into everyday business communication, enabling key messages to stick with audiences, and ultimately helping change behaviour, mindsets and culture using a Storytelling approach.

The most obvious area where Cognition now plays a significant role is in Virtual Learning and Virtual Presentations. We are able to reduce Cognitive Overload and apply Cognitive Techniques to aid recall and memory and ensure learning is much more effective.


Transformations are HARD. Digital ones are HARDER

The term digital transformation is used to refer to a process through which a business goes when technology becomes a priority in remodeling its way of functioning. Most business transformations are hard, but typically digital ones are much harder, however our approach is simple. Start NOW, Get Perfect LATER.
While digital transformation is responsible for business growth in all kinds of businesses, our primary focus is in helping smaller companies with their transformation so they remain competitive and even level the playing field with their bigger competitors.
We transform Business Processes, Learning, Training, Sales Team Optimisation and Data, Organisational Structure and Corporate Ecosystems for new market initiatives and domain identification.
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Audiences are MOVED to Action by MOVEMENT​

Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which creates the illusion of motion or movement, and are typically combined with audio voice over for use in multimedia projects. 

Sometimes when you want to explain something complex, it is difficult to get the message across quickly. Using Motion Graphics can help explain issues clearly and quickly in a way that cuts-through the noise. Our Motion Graphics trypically start life as a Infographic or Illustration which are then adapted and transformed into ‘Works of Art’.

We then use sophisticated visual storytelling techniques and engaging narration, and either create the Motion Graphics in PowerPoint saved as HTML5 or more complex software such a Adobe’s Photoshop, Character Animator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro in conjunction with Adobe After Effects where we can take any idea and make it move.


EVIDENCE Based Guidelines for UPSKILLING​

There has never been a time like the present, when up-skilling became so important. It is now considered an absolute must have rather than a maybe nice to have. There is also the added complexity and necessity of learning being delivered Virtually.

However, just delivering existing training from presentation software over a video conferencing app is not the answer. A digitally transformed learning experience isn’t just Zoom Calls made interactive. Learning content needs to be Customised, Continual, Collaborative, Consistent & above all Cognitive.

We use a variety of Learning Management Systems to create, develop, enhance and adapt current or existing learning so it is more engaging, effective and memorable. Our clients include Governments, Education Faculty’s, Corporates and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). We use over 40 different Learning Actions in our courses to engage users more easily.